Love to Code Creative Coding Kit

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Get started with coding now! The Love to Code Creative Coding Kit is a fun, friendly and new way to engage with coding.  

Included are two full-color story-based activity books for learning to program: one for learning text-based programming in ChibiScript and the other for learning visual block-based programming in Microsoft Makecode.  The choice is yours!

Come check out what's inside!

Included in this kit are:

  • 1 Love to Code Volume 1 Powered Binder (uses 3 AA batteries, not included)
  • 2 Love to Code Books (both ChibiScript and MakeCode versions for you to choose from!)
  • 1 Chibi Chip premounted on a Clip
  • 1 programming cable
  • 36 white LED circuit stickers
  • 2 rolls of copper tape (16 ft/5m each)
  • 1 sheet of conductive fabric tape patches (64 patches)
  • 1 Love to Code circuit stencil
  • 1 binder pouch

The Creative Coding Kit reimagines the book through paper electronics: craft functional circuits directly into the pages of the included storybook, Love to Code Volume 1, while learning how to bring images to life through code. With LTC, everyone can fall in love with coding! 


In Love to Code Volume 1, you’ll join Fern the Frog in learning the “sometimes hard, but fun” concepts in coding. You’ll master basics of electronics and coding with the help Fern’s friend, Sami the Seal.

You’ll start with turning on an LED, then learning how to make it blink. Your projects will become interactive after learning how to craft several types of paper circuit switches, while learning about variables and conditional statements. You’ll wrap up with learning how to create more aesthetically pleasing light-fading effects using loops and multithreading. There is also a comprehensive appendix on debugging which will help you develop the skills to evaluate, find, and fix problems in projects.

Check out our Love to Code webpage for video tutorials, downloads, and lots of other great resources for creative coding! 


Love to Code Volume 1 is created by  Jie Qi (author), K-Fai Steele (illustrator), Andrew "bunnie" Huang (editor), Natalie Freed (technical editor).

Love for Chibitronics Love to Code:

Purdue Research Institute, Recommended Engineering Toy

Smithsonian: Best STEM Toys to Give 2018, Honorable Mention