Prototyping LEDs

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We sourced these tiny white “axial” style LEDs to help you prototype your paper circuits projects! These LEDs are great for learning and practice - especially in the classroom, where students go through practice materials quickly. While not quite as slim as our LED Circuit Stickers, they are much smaller than standard through-hole LEDs (the "gumdrop" type), and have horizontal connectors that are easy to tape down. They can be removed and reused in multiple projects.

Note that unlike our LED Circuit Stickers, these do not include a built-in resistor (which protects the LED from excess current and also allows multiple colors of LEDs to be used in the same circuit). We recommend using a resistor in any final version of a project.

  • 50 pack of white “axial” style LEDs

  • Small and low-profile (2.7mm high), great for paper circuits projects

  • Can be removed and reused in other projects

  • Great for practice and prototyping when using Chibitronics Circuit Stickers in the classroom

  • Note: does not include a resistor